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Hollis Wheel Alignments

Driving through the city streets of New York is not easy on you so can you imagine how hard it is on your vehicle. Your vehicle’s suspension can easily come out of alignment by repeatedly driving over potholes or as simple as hitting a curb while parking.

A proper wheel alignment with ensure that your tires are positioned at the proper angle for your specific vehicle. A properly aligned vehicle will not only keep you safer on the road but save you money as well by helping you get the most out of your tires and wheels.

So if see your tires wearing uneven, steering wheel off center, feel a shimmy or vibration or your vehicle is pulling left or right on its’ own it is time for a MYLES GUARD WHEEL ALIGNMENT SERVICE.

With our new, state of the art alignment equipment, we will adjust your suspension and get your tires back in proper alignment for a smoother and safer ride. Lee Myles Auto Care and Transmission is the experts when it comes to Hollis Wheel Alignment Services. Call or click today for an appointment and ask about our special service packages.