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Welcome to Lee Myles, Hollis’ Top-rated, Premier, Full-Service Auto & Transmission Repair Center.

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Joe first opened Legacy Towing Inc. in June of 2018 in Hollis, NY. We are a family owned and operated business that has been serving Hollis and surrounding areas for more than 38 years with our affiliated auto repair and tire business. Initially, we were specializing in just Transmission Repairs and gradually started doing general auto repairs. As of now, we are starting to offer a towing service in addition to our auto repair business. The main reason behind Joe's decision to choose auto repair as his profession was because he was brought up in the business. The auto repair business is his biggest passion and you can say that it is in his blood.

Legacy Towing Inc. offers top-notch towing services to residents of Hollis and surrounding communities. Our auto repair business is a Lee Myles Auto Care Certified Facility and is a part of the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA). We have a team of experienced and ASE-certified technicians that provides various auto repair and maintenance services, specializing in transmission repairs, NYS inspections and towing. We only use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and equipment, and receive ongoing training in order to deliver the highest possible level of customer service.

Give us a call or visit our convenient and professional location and see what sets us apart from the rest of the towing services in the area.

Towing Services

Among towing companies Legacy Towing Inc. is considered highly for another reason the fact that we provide excellent service at low prices. Some towing companies can provide you with exemplary services, but afterwards hand you a bill that is exorbitant. Others are cheap to employ, but you can forget about getting anything beyond the minimum. We take the best of both worlds and balance them out for a winning combination. Another thing that distinguishes us is the fact that we stick to the law. We will not tow a vehicle unless the owner himself or herself authorizes it. This is a measure to counteract requests for unauthorized towing of vehicles, whether with malicious or mischievous intents.

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For any and all towing needs just call Legacy Towing Inc. We can provide for your towing needs with our expertise, speed, and affordability.

Aside from having the tow trucks to handle most if not all towing needs, we also have in our rosters some of the finest personnel available. They are well trained in towing services, and can perform their tasks quickly, efficiently, and most importantly safely. As a towing company, we also prefer to hire local people, since they possess the knowledge of the terrain and roads. This is what allows them to get our tow trucks to wherever they are needed. Of course, we make sure that our personnel are polite and friendly, because you certainly do not need anything to add to the bad state of your day. Whether you are interacting with our office personnel or field personnel, you can be assured of civil and professional behavior.