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Taking care of transmission issues can sometimes be as simple as exchanging the fluid or replacing a faulty solenoid, and other times it may need a more major repair. BUT what is critical for you to be aware of it is impossible to determine what service you need until your vehicle is inspected by a specialist transmission technician. The needed service cannot be established without this so it is always in your best interest to having your car inspected by experts like you will find at Lee Myles.

Lee Myles Reseal Service:

There may be a time when your transmission is shifting fine and efficienty but you notice transmission fluid on the ground. Your transmission has a variety of seals and gaskets and over time, due to the extreme heat and pressure they sustain, they will become brittle and crack and begin to leak. When this occurs, we will recommend our Lee Myles Reseal Service. In most instances we will remove your transmission from the vehicle and replace the necessary seals and gaskets and replenish the transmission with new fluid. And, as always, road test your vehicle for proper performance.

More major transmission repairs

If after inspecting the vehicle it is established that there is internal damage to the transmission there are typically two options. A Lee Myles Transmission Rebuild service or a Lee Myles Remanufactured Transmission service. There is no right or wrong option but rather it is a case of establishing which option best suits your needs.

The Remanufacture option costs more but does come with a longer supplier warranty.