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Welcome to Lee Myles, Hollis’ Top-rated, Premier, Full-Service Auto & Transmission Repair Center.

Earning customers’ trust for 30+ years with superior repairs, great value, and outstanding customer service.


What You Won't Pay For

What You Won't Pay For - Lee Myles AutoCare + Transmissions - Hollis

No Surprises

You won’t pay for repairs you didn’t authorize. We offer you constant communication throughout the diagnostic and repair process.

No Scams

You won’t pay for repairs you didn’t get. We never ever charge for parts we didn’t put in your car or for services we didn’t perform. That’s a promise.

No Flat Pricing

You won’t pay for repairs you don’t need. Not every transmission needs a complete rebuild.

When we do need to rebuild a transmission, our certified technicians identify the parts that need to be replaced, and that’s what you’re charged for. There’s no flat-rate pricing or unnecessary transmission exchanging at Lee Myles. Why pay for a whole new unit when you may only need an inexpensive part?

No-Hassle Nationwide Warranty

You won’t pay twice for the same repair under our nationwide warranties. Because our experienced technicians use only the best parts and include all the latest updates when we rebuild your transmission, we can stand behind our transmission repairs with our nationwide warranty. That’s why we say, “When we fix it, it’s fixed.”

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